• 06/15/2022 9:26 am
  • Georgia
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The HOA Stealth consists of a Matching unit, a Choke unit, and 64 feet of coax connecting the units together.
The Matching unit has a large clamp, which is attached to any non-grounded metal structure.
The clamp can also be connected to a random piece of wire if desired.
The Choke unit is placed at any convenient distance away from the matching unit.
Any excess of the 64 feet of coax can be coiled near the Choke unit.
The choke unit should always be placed outside away from the operating position.
Use the female coax connector on the Choke unit to connect your 50 Ohm coax feedline.
No ground connection is used. It is necessary whatever the alligator clamp is connected to is non-grounded.

On many Amateur Bands an antenna tuner will probably not be needed; on others it will.
The SWR is usually less than 3 to 1 on any freq. This will depend on configuration and how much metal the alligator clamp is attached to.
The radio’s internal antenna tuner may be used if needed. An external antenna may also be used.


  • Maxcon HOA Stealth Antenna
  • Made for use in antenna restricted environments
  • Specifications:
  • Freq Range: 3.5 to 30 MHz
  • antenna tuner may be needed on some Bands
  • Power: 500 watts SSB
  • 100 watts CW & FT8
  • No Ground Connection
  • or Radials needed