• 09/13/2022 9:49 am
  • New Jersey
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Selling my S19-R in a continuing effort to downsize.
Made from 1937 to 1942.
Receiver was gone over by Golden Radio Repair in 2019. Capacitors and resistors replaced as needed and an alignment done.
A new Hammond 270CAX power transformer was also installed. Diagram included.
Original was on the way out.
Chassis was stripped, cleaned and repainted.
The original bottom label is still intact, which is rare (photo below).
Speaker was reconed by Vintage Radio.
A nice/bound reproduction manual by The Manualman is included. Not a cheap copy.
A separate 11X17″ schematic is also included.
A set of spare tubes are included.
Pictures of the before and after interior restoration are shown below.
Detailed information is available from various web sources.
Local pickup only. Just not practical to ship it.
Please use the “QRZ e-mail address” for communication.
As usual, no refunds for all the usual reasons.
Thanks for looking. Please be safe! Ken.