• 05/05/2023 2:32 pm
  • Oklahoma
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Its ICOM IC-PW1 Solid State 1000W Linear Amplifier/Tuner 160m-6m available.
The unit works flawlessly and when interfaced to an ICOM HF transceiver with the included inter-connect control cable will support automatic band switching and memory tuning. This is the later version.
The remote panel also as lights dual meters that monitors SWR, ALC, Temp Po, Vo, Io that can be placed adjacent to the transmitter for easy viewing while operating.
I am including the Palstar DL2K 2kW dummy load and 10 ft inter-connect control cable .
Priced at $1,630.00

Elecraft K3, P3 And Power Supply Combo.
The Set Is In Excellent Cosmetic And Functional Conditions With No Dings, Dents Or Scratches And Has Been Very Well Cared For.
K3 Has Dual Receiver (Main & Sub) And Both Has Same Options (Filters & Boards).
P3 Has SVGA And TX Monitor Options.
Both K3 And P3 Has Latest Firmware Updates Installed.
13.8v 30 Amp Matching Power Supply With AC Power Cable And DC Power Poles Cable. DC Power Cable, RS-232 Cable And BNC To BNC Cable For P3 Panadapter. Elecraft MH2 Hand Microphone. USB To RS-232 Serial Cable For PC To K3 Or P3. User Manuals For Both K3-F And P3-F. Original Factory Shipping Boxes With Inserts.
Prices at $1,410.00

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