• 11/11/2022 11:54 am
  • Georgia
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Four, two either side of a “common” center connector.
LIGHTNING SURGE PROTECTION Alpha Delta Model D-4 internally mounted, f ield- replaceable ceramic gas tube
Arc-Plug® Cartridge Pill.
SPECIAL SWITCHING FUNCTIONS When the knob points to the center (ground) switch position, all antenna circuits are internally disconnected and grounded. When the knob is in an active position, the unused antenna ports are grounded. The active position circuit is continuously protected by the Model D-4 Arc-Plug® Cartridge Pill.
GROUNDING REQUIREMENTS A separate, external ground wire must be attached from the ground stud on the rear of the switch to the station ground system. (not the equipment chassis.) The Arc-Plug® Cartridge Pill will not operate without a good ground. It is also good practice to ground the coax shield at point of entry to the building.

VSWR dB Loss dB Isolation
30 MHz <1.11:1 .1dB .1dB >60dB
150 MHz <1.3:1 .1 5dB >50dB
450 MHz <1.4:1 .5dB 50dB