Retevis 2M /70 cm Mobile / Base HAM PACKAGE DEAL radio. new in box

Retevis 7 meter/ 70 CM Mobile OR BASE radio. $100 New in box. If you buy the whole package I will make you a deal. ALL items NEW never used in original packaging . If you buy the solar panels too (3 300 watt panels), you will need only batteries and a controller to use ...


ClearSpeech Speaker Digital Noise Filter by Am-Com

ClearSpeech Speaker Digital Noise Filter by Am-Com. Plug this speaker into your radio speaker output and enjoy much clearer audio and less background noise. 12v cable and 3.5mm audio cable included. Noise filter has on/off slide switch for noise and on/off toggle switch for overall power. Noise filter is either on or off by slide ...


For Sale Yaesu FL-7000 Linear Amp

This is a nice rare 4 Button version of this amp. It was modified by Bill, N4ATS and later repaired by me. This unit has been upgraded to the MRF448 which are rated at 250 Watts output each with a 50 volt supply, which is where this FL-7000 is adjusted to. This is a great ...


For Sale Collins 30s-1 modified to use a Russian GS35b triode

This thing is like new. Output power over 2KW with 200 w of drive. Amp comes with custom cover.


Maxcon Multi-Band OCF Dipole


Maxcon off center fed dipoles work 80 though 10 meters. They are rated at 1 KW. There is no cutting or tuning. An Antenna tuner is not needed. Full money back Guarantee if not totally satisfied.


K4DPK VFO Stabilizers

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┬áK4DPK VFO Stabilizers Drift correction for older rigs. Simple installation guide for your particular radio. Soldering is necessary. e-mail for details. $70 CONUS. Wired and tested. ***** Payment by: US Orders- PAYPAL to k4dpk at , US Po Box Office Money Order (Only POSTAL MO, can’t handle convenience store MOs) or personal check. I ...