Hy-Gain Tape Doublet TD-1 antenna

Hy-Gain Tape Doublet Model TD-1 for sale. Very nice condition but gently used. Works great. These are getting very hard to find. Great for Field Day, POTA, etc. Covers 3.5 to 30 MHz. $175 firm. USPS money order only. Shipped to the lower 48 states.                     ...


Heathkit HW-100

I have a Heathkit HW-100 for sale. It comes with the power supply. The unit powers on but I don’t have an antenna up to test it with. I bought it along with a group of old CB radios and don’t have a use for it.


Custom made Ham Radio Callsign Deskplates

Custom made 3D Resin printed Ham Radio Callsign desk plates. Showing an old time radio station & microphone. With your own Callsign above the radio. Your name on the desk & callsign in morse code. I can also put a frequency of your choice on the radio display. Base price $35 total. This includes being ...




Ameritron ARB-704

Interface buffer between old style linears and new solid state transceivers. Comes with power cord You pay freight. Pictures upon request Ship USPS   K2OI


2.4 Ghz Helix Left Hand Circular Polarization(LHCP) dish feed for Es-hail 2 and others

For sale is a 2.4 Ghz Helix Left Hand Circular Polarization(LHCP) dish feed for QO-100/Es’hail 2 or any other RHCP satellite down/uplink. N-Connector. 5″ diameter 1/8″ thick aluminum base. Excellent construction. Feed is tuned to 2.4Ghz. For satellite experimenters only. No returns. Price is $39 Shipping is $10 in the USA.


Icom IC- 7851

Like new, never used Icom Ic-7851


Maxcon Multi-Band OCF Dipole


Maxcon off center fed dipoles work 80 though 10 meters. They are rated at 1 KW. There is no cutting or tuning. An Antenna tuner is not needed. Full money back Guarantee if not totally satisfied.


K4DPK VFO Stabilizers

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┬áK4DPK VFO Stabilizers Drift correction for older rigs. Simple installation guide for your particular radio. Soldering is necessary. e-mail for details. $70 CONUS. Wired and tested. ***** Payment by: US Orders- PAYPAL to k4dpk at comcast.net , US Po Box Office Money Order (Only POSTAL MO, can’t handle convenience store MOs) or personal check. I ...